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Welcome to my blog!


Hey my name is Leah McNeir. This blog is a place for me to update everyone on new artworks as they become available,  talk about what’s going on in my  life, & share things that inspire.

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Leah McNeir was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She began her career as a professional artist in 2007. Inspired by Spirit, she creates visionary, psychedelic, abstract, and surreal mystical art. Inspired by Nature, she creates whimsical landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife illustrations, and brings new life into natural materials such as shells or wood. She now resides in beautiful Mystic, Connecticut and spends much of her time happily creating art or exploring the spectacular forests and waterways of New England.

-Artist Statement-

Art has been a major part of my life since before i could speak. My mother said that of my first few words, two of them were the colors “green” and “blue” which i first excitedly stammered out as she demonstrated the magic of blue and yellow mixing to become green while we did finger paintings together. The sense of real magic & wonder i must have felt then persists in my work and outlook today. I’m inspired by the pursuit of understanding, by creation and creativity, by dreams & imagination, by nature & life, by both the broad cosmos and the commonly overlooked little wondrous things. For me, creating visual art is a centering meditative exercise & tool for personal growth and expression. It is a space through which i seek to convey intuitive feelings, conceptual narratives and visions, and provocative questions. Through my work, i hope to bring to viewers a resonant sense of contemplation or inspiration.

At its heart, my work’s focus can be summed up in  two words:  Interconnection and Perspective.


Currently, my focuses are acrylic paint on canvas, digital fractal flames, digital paintings and design, and nature based crafts and jewelry. Nature, mysticism and symbolism are common focuses in my work.




~On Fractals and Fractal Art~

I invite you to watch these documentaries titled  “The colors of infinity” & Hunting the Hidden Dimension to learn more about fractal geometry, its applications, and the amazing Mandelbrot Set.


Within fractal flames we can see the interplay of chaos and order at work. With fractal formulas such as the Julian or Mandelbrot Set we can glimpse infinity and limitless variation.  There is no limit at which some fractals cease to hold infinite complexity. Within the image of a fractal, we can see how a tiny speck can hold seemingly infinite information and potential….

Unwittingly at the time, I first began exploring the concept of geometric self similarity and recursion in kindergarten when i discovered that a square could be evenly cut into multiple smaller squares, as other shapes too could be equally divided or multiplied.  I recall my early school notebooks being covered in doodles of symmetric spirals, hearts, recursive trees, patterns and stars. The forces of symmetry, polarity, and balance have long captivated my imagination and helped to form my perceptions. This fascination has also influenced  my art from an early age.

In 2007, I began creating fractal flames. The algorithms and formulas that form the basis of fractal geometry seem to express a universal geometric bond; a truth and order of profound beauty that can be shown through the visual of the fractal flame. After months of creating flames through Apophysis, i started to see my surroundings quite differently. I began to see the underlying geometric structure and ordering of everyday objects in nature from the galactic level to the level of atoms and photons. Through this perspective i began to more easily see the patterns of similarity and symmetry, the cosmos out of chaos, the common threads that express a universal interconnection, cohesion, unison, and balance.

Galileo once said, “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.”
Through fractal exploration, one can see the fundamental truths revealed by mathematics in a visible and aesthetic way.  Using the recursive self-similarity and iterated function system of fractal computing, images of formations that resemble galaxies, spirals of DNA,  tree rings, hurricanes and weather patterns, as well as lightning, waves, trees, leafs, mountains, flowers can take shape. In those and in other natural forms- from fingerprints and heartbeats, to the surfaces of cells, to mountain ranges and the distribution of trees within forests, to galactic formations and beyond, nature follows fractal patterns. Nature is fractal in its nature!

Abstractly or allegorically, the concepts of fractal patterning and exponential expansion can also be inferred to the social sciences and philosophies relating to the topics of the nature of the human mind, consciousness, language, economic markets, cultural trends, civilization, technology, evolution and more! I see great symbolism within fractal geometry and its concepts. I sense great potential for furthering humanity’s understanding of the universe and the nature of Being through the exploration & application of this field.

Through my fractal art, i hope to bring more attention to this fascinating and inspiring field of geometry. Like a photographer capturing the serene majesty of a landscape, my work can be seen as simply snapshots of the fractal world. It is not the photographers landscape, as it is not my fractal. The calculations and formulas belong to all of us and none of us.  I, like the photographer, only seek to use our tools to find, highlight and share the wonder and beauty that surrounds us to bring to others the appreciation and awe we feel as we take its ‘picture’.



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