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Soul Urges, A midnight musing on deep heartfelt desires and embracing our true natures.

June 21, 2015
Shade of the Living Light- Satipatthana - by Leah McNeir 2011

Satipatthana – Leah McNeir 2011


When we follow the path that is right for us

The Universe will conspire

To open hands, doors, and hearts.


When we fight against our True Selves and Callings

or believe it unachievable,

we experience discontentment, detachment,

internal struggles, contention,

and heartache.

We long for something so deeply

that to be reminded of it

aches  us

physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

We feel something is missing,

though we may not be able put our finger on what exactly IT is.

We may try to ignore and brush off these feelings,

or attempt to fill the hole through the acquisition of material possessions,

or obscure  it through vices and other distractions.

We may wallow, unable to see past the immediate surface sensations.

To move beyond those states, we must discover and acknowledge their primal source.

For behind these moments and feelings,

lay your clues.


Listen to your heart.

What images, thoughts or sensations trigger this inexpressible sense of longing?

What are the commonalities behind your jealousies of others?

What desires or aspects of yourself have you neglected?

What dreams have you given up? Are you still mourning them?

What would your childhood self remind you about yourself if given a voice?

What things, scenes, or experiences trigger at once a sense of

excitement or fellowship,

yet also that deep inner want

or  feeling of empty nonfulfillment ?

What subjects or things really get you going

and fill you with vigor, lucidity, passion, motivation, excitement, and energy?

The answers to these questions hint at what i call,

Soul Urges.


They remind us of our Calling, our Potential, our Spirit, our Center.

It can be intimidating to admit them and face them.

Our inner critic screams our shortfalls to us,

often in an unhelpful or unproductive way that results

in steps taken backwards or in intensifying our self doubt and projected impediments.

Be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself.

Accept who you really are and learn what you really want.

To embrace our Soul Urges and express them

is a great act of Love.

To follow them is an act of faith, courage , self respect, and dignity.


When we follow our Soul Urges

and put forth not only the Intention of realizing them,

but Action..

the way ahead  naturally becomes clearer,

as do the hurdles of  circumstance, fear or self limitation that we place on ourselves.

Confront these blockades, illusions, and delusions and take a step.

The Universe will naturally begin to respond and assist you along your path

of greater understanding and Self expression.

The way towards realizing and actualizing your full True Self beckons and calls.

Our challenge is to listen to the messages its subtly trying to send

and believe in ourselves enough to allow ourselves to be true..

to Ourselves.


There’s much to be said about the wisdom in seeing

the common overlooked beauty and good in life

that surrounds us.

There’s much to be said about being content and accepting of where you are in life,

and in taking full stock of your blessings and successes.

Often, our happiness and fulfillment lies in our perception.

If we focus on negativity and lacking,

that’s what we’ll see the most of in everything.

If we focus on beauty and goodness,

we see its abundance in everything.

Yet, true as well is the discontentment and longing that stems

from unfulfilled Soul Urges.

Look deep in your heart,

you’ll know the difference.

You know what you desire, if only vaguely.. so speak it aloud,

And distill your truth.

With conviction, begin taking the steps that will move you in the direction of your dreams.

Know this-

Often, our biggest limitations are those which we place on ourselves,

our biggest facilitation is when we believe,

know, and act out our capability to achieve.


This truth of potential is what frightens so many.

It suggests the responsibility lies with us alone,

and not in our past, present, or future perceived roadblocks and diversions.

Let this truth instead, be empowering, as it should be.

Let us remind ourselves that –

“Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage.”

So take the first step,

acknowledge your True Self

Then act on your Soul Urges.

The Universe awaits your cue.


For when we follow the path that is truly meant for us

The Universe will conspire

To open hands, doors, and hearts.




It’s time for a new direction.

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