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New Art: “Earthing Transformation” – Shade of the Living Light series

June 10, 2015

Earthing Transformation - Fine Art PrintsFine Art Prints, Framed Prints, Canvas Prints

“Earthing” is simply the act of walking barefoot on earthen ground or grass.
Emotionally or spiritually, earthing is a willful act of reconnection with Mother Earth. Some speak of Earthing’s health benefits of earth on skin, healthy bacteria, ions, and electrons and whatnot..but to me, the power is in the act of communion.
This image marks a point of my journey where a major transformation was occurring. A total revolution and evolution of Self and my life, driven largely by a reconnection to nature and a re-remembering and active embracing of my deepest desires and potentials. This “Earthing Transformation” sparked an energy, vitality, and sense of inner power and endless possibility that continues to fuel me today.

Seventh installation of the “Shade of the Living Light” series.
Digital Mixed Media work by Leah McNeir 2014.

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