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Psychedelic Voyages Art Series: ” Psychedelic Melting Pot Mandala “

June 5, 2015

Psychedelic Voyages Series: “Psychedelic Melting Pot Mandala”
– Visionary Art by Leah McNeir 2015

Psychedelic Melting Pot Mandala –  Colorful fractal mandala art of abstract & trippy psychedelic phosphene visuals influenced by sacred geometry.
Psychedelic Voyages series; trippy surreal abstract visions in fractal geometry.

Psychedelic Melting Pot Mandala posters and printsArt Prints

Psychedelic Melting Pot Mandala scarvesScarves

 Psychedelic Melting Pot Mandala zipper stash pouch bagsZipper Stash Pouches

Psychedelic Melting Pot Mandala ceremonial cups and tea mugsMagic Tea Cups


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