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What’s new in Leahland?

September 30, 2012

Man, summer just rushed right by didn’t it? Well, here we are at the end of beautiful September. I love  September and early Fall so much.  The temperature is usually so nice, the humidity drops, and we often get the most beautiful crystal clear blue skies here in Maryland.

As we pass the Fall Equinox and enter the new season, i  figured i’d give a small update reviewing what i’ve been up to generally this past summer and where i’m headed going forward. So, here it goes-

In August we adopted a rescue puppy! Her name is Ellie and we’re told she is a chocolate lab & either german shepherd or dutch shepherd mix. She’s brought such joy into our lives. She’s so smart and cute as a button. ❤

I haven’t been blogging much over the past while due to being focused primarily on working on more complicated/detailed artworks, helping my  lil’ brother get enrolled in college, training and taking care of our new pup. Although i haven’t posted much here i have been posting inspirational things a little more often to my facebook page recently.
Anyways, It’s been a really good feeling to see my brother off to college. He shares my love and deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors and has decided to pursue a degree in the field of natural resources technology / wildlife conservation. I’m so proud of his accomplishments and that he is following his heart and dream! It’s really inspiring to witness and i wish him the best of success!!

Creativity-wise, Ive been working on new digital paintings with more depth & detail. I have a handful that i’m working on here and there,  1 that’s finished, and 1 close to finished in a visionary realism influenced style. Not sure when i’ll release that those yet. For whatever reason I often hold off on publishing new works until i feel the moment is right, (and sometimes that moment takes a long while to arrive) but it gives me a chance to really review the piece.

I’ve been painting more again and will make some of my older holiday themed ACEO paintings available for sale as greeting cards and such relatively soon. I’ve also started making tribal/ boho styled necklaces, bracelets & earrings. Once i get a good batch together they will also be available for sale online. I’ll probably open a shop on Etsy.
On my zazzle shop, I’m slowly going to adding more phone cases, skins & sleeves for more phone types- including the iPhone 5,  Galaxy S3, and HTC Vivid among others.  Look for them next week. 🙂


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