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New Art: “Elephant Spirit”

March 23, 2012

A surreal tribal line art styled elephant spirit.
Elephants are one of the smartest animals on earth and are also the largest land animal. Female elephants have strong social bonds and the herd is the center of their lives. Adult males live mostly solitary lives, though fringe relationships with herds are kept and sometimes they form bachelor herds. Elephants recognize themselves in mirrors ( display self awareness) and show an awareness unlike many other animals about mortality.  Elephants have intricate language, social structure and ritualistic seeming traditions. For example, when an elephant calf is born, the herd gathers around it and the mother and rumble a welcoming to the new member and learn its scent. When a member dies, there are days of mourning and lingering around the corpse. Some appear to make pilgrimages to visit the spots where former members have died, and they embrace the bones of their lost.  Elephants are indeed gentle giants, showing great care for one another and their young.  The herd rallies to teach calves the intricacies of their social order and communication and of how to use their trunks and tusks to various ends, such as how to dig up roots and how to discern which plants have medicinal values. Their memory is famed and they’re capable of passing down knowledge about their environment. Elephants have keen hearing, smell, taste and sensitivity on their feet and trunks which allow them to feel and interpret subtle vibrations. This allows them to utilize low pitch rumbles and stomps, many inaudible to the human ear, to communicate with one another across great distances. This is one way for elephant herds to keep in touch with non-familial neighboring clans. Elephants show great affection towards each other and protect their young and elderly with zeal. With their stature and physical power they could be destructive and provocative, however they do not unleash these capabilities unless in defense of themselves or the herd, though sometimes they can be vengeful and vindictive if they feel wronged or gravely threatened. While males will engage in combat for dominance within their order, it is more a show of bluffs and aggression rather than an attack with intent to injure. On the flip side, often it is simply the oldest & wisest female who is the matriarch. Elephants have numerous intelligence related propensities, such as self awareness, grief, the making of music&art,  utilization of tools, altruism and compassion. As a power animal, elephants teach us about balancing brute power and delicate care and nurturing. They teach us of loyalty and the strong bonds of family. They remind us that we are stronger and wiser when we come together as a group, than we are alone.

Elephants traditionally have been considered symbols of power, patience, wisdom, loyalty and luck and they hold an honored place among many world cultures and myths.






Shirts & Hoodies:

Elephant Spirit - surreal totem animal zazzle_shirt


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