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New Art Prints: Satipatthana

October 4, 2011

Satipatthana by Leah McNeir
Satipatthana by Leah McNeir

Fine Art Prints are available at:

Satipatthana in Buddhism refers to the presence of or the establishing foundation of Mindfulness, which through continued devotion and effort leads to the realization of Nirvana.

From wiki:
The four foundations of mindfulness are:

  • mindfulness of the body (Pali: kāyā): kāyasati and/or kāyagatāsati (S. kāyasmṛti)
  • mindfulness of feelings (or sensations) (vedanā): vedanāsati (S. vedanāsmṛti)
  • establishing mindfulness of mind (or consciousness) (cittā): cittasati (S. cittasmṛti)
  • mindfulness of mental objects (or qualities) (dhammā): dhammāsati (S. dharmasmṛti)


Second installation of the “Shade of the Living Light” series.

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