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☼ ☥ Anput, Guardian of Lore ☥ ☾ ~ Redbubble ComicCon Contest Submission

September 25, 2011

My entry for Redbubble’s New York Comic Con Design Challenge.
The challenge was to create an imaginative comic character design and background story.  Starting today, the public will vote to select 20 finalists. From there Redbubble will select a winner and 3 runners up.

If you are so inclined, i would certainly be very grateful and appreciative if you vote for my submission!! It takes less than 5minutes to register and vote. 🙂  Thank you for your support!


“The Great Veil & Grand Mystery of All Ages must persist. Only those divinely tasked may be granted small gifts of our knowing so that they may fulfill their destiny. Only those pure of heart and mind may glimpse the inner secrets. Eternity must remain shrouded. I, Anput, Sentinel of Secrets, Keeper of the Veil, Warden of Providence , Guardian of Lore, I.. am the Will of the Gods made flesh.”

Comic Character Mythology:
In this incarnation, the ancient goddess and sage Anput has been chosen to keep hidden the secrets of the Underworld and other forbidden knowledge from mortals who would seek such esoteric truths and transcendent magicks for their own unrighteous & selfish gain. Many are those who would dissolutely pervert the natural order to acquire undeserved power, longevity, control and material wealth through exploitation of the otherworldly Lore. Anput guards against these foolhardy attempts at self aggrandizement and preserves the intended balance. Her enemies are the pawns and inter-dimensional forces of Stagnation and Corruption. Granted the ability to manipulate physics, the elements, and psychic-spiritual energy through magical invocations, seals and sigils, she devastates enemies and blesses allies.
Anput seeks out natural Adepts and those fated to play an influential role in the enactment of Divine Will to bestow upon them the knowledge and courage needed to follow the Path of the Illuminated; a path guided by the subtle whispers of the Immortals.

Historical Background:
In ancient Egyptian religious mythology, Anput was the female depiction or wife of Anubis. Anubis was a half-human half-jackal god of the afterlife and Underworld. In addition to being a protector of the deceased, their resting places and patron of lost souls, Anubis was known as the ‘Guardian of the Scales’ who weighed the heart of the dead against the feather of truth or “Maʻat”, to judge a soul’s worthiness to enter the Underworld.

Also available as fine art print:
Anput, Guardian of Lore by Leah McNeir
Anput, Guardian of Lore by Leah McNeir

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  1. January 23, 2012 1:48 am

    Your art is terrific Leah! I hope you’ll enter in the 2012 Comic Con, too.

    Anubis is definitely my kind of dog–
    though the prospect of having him bluntly weigh your heart against a feather (for comparative purity, fineness, elevation of intent along life’s twisted paths) must have been sobering to many an ancient Egyptian.

    Paired with Anput, these two unblinking scrupulous guardians ensured–
    and warned–
    every human soul entering the Underworld they’d be fairly weighed (judged) by all aspects of self, in its masculine & feminine qualities & strengths–

    and no detail could escape the scrutiny of these jealous (zealous) protectors of the levels of the Underworld (afterlife).

    This Comic Character Mythology rings extremely true to life!

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