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New Art: “Sanctity”

September 9, 2011
Unity. Love. Compassion. Hope. Patience. Humility. Grace.

Sanctity by Leah McNeir
Sanctity by Leah McNeir

Fine Art Prints are available at:

A pregnant woman & new mother contemplates the majesty and grace of life. In a moment of profound reverence and humility she takes one step closer toward fully understanding the breadth and depth of meaning captured in a single word- “Love”.
Behind the mother’s silhouette subtly lays the sacred geometry symbol of the “Flower of Life” and image of the full moon, conveying a connection to its associated symbolic aspects as well as the lunar cycle’s influence. A halo marks her moment of illumination as rings of light project outward signifying the sense of inter-connection and gnosis. Fractals that resemble flowers and ribbons of light bloom wildly in all directions.


The birth of a new series, titled “Shade of the Living Light”.

I’ve prepared a short video to better show the finer details within this piece:

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  1. September 11, 2011 5:48 pm

    Amazing work Leah, it’s a beautiful piece!

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