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Metatron’s Cube and Metatron’s Magick Wheel sacred geometry shirts & stickers

March 20, 2011

Sacred Geometry

Metatron’s Cube is a sacred geometry figure. It is composed of 13 equal circles in a hexagonal pattern with lines from each circle’s center extending out to the other circles. From these lines blueprints for 3 dimensional figures (platonic solids) appear, such as cubes, a tetrahedron, etc.

Metatron's Cube ~ Sacred Geometry shirt
Metatron’s Cube ~ Sacred Geometry



And yes, finally, “Metatron’s Magick Wheel” is now available on T-Shirts and stickers, in addition to the previously released fine art prints.


Metatron's Magick Wheel ~ Sacred Geometry shirt


These designs are both also available on Redbubble:

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