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Spirit Fox – Cute Totem Animal

February 15, 2011

Spirit Fox


Spirit Fox


An adorable cute little stylized fox illustration with decorative and symbolic tribal designs, feathers, flowers and ivy leaves.

Spirit Fox - Closeup

Throughout different cultures the fox has come to symbolize intellect, insight, cunning, wisdom, adaptability, cleverness, sneakiness, mischievousness, magic and transformation. In folklore, foxes are sometimes depicted as a familiar animal.

_The fox has also been commonly portrayed in lore as a shapeshifter, possibly due to their adaptability and mystique. Usually people shy- and rarely seen, this generally nocturnal creature walks the mystery filled world that lay between dusk and dawn. This lead some cultures to consider it wise in the ways of the “between realms”- those places & states between darkness and light, life and death, godhood and mortality.



Available on  T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, long sleeves, etc. at my Zazzle Shop:

Spirit Fox - Cute Totem Animal shirt& on Redbubble Tshirts, Hoodies, and Stickers.

I’ll make it a poster version available soon if anyone is interested.. and possibly a 2nd tshirt version.

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