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Fractal Nature: Looking inside fruits and veggies

August 13, 2010

Andy Ellison, an MRI lab technologist discovered some quite compelling imagery when he used an orange as a test subject to tweak his machine’s settings. Blown away by the complexity revealed in the orange scans, he stitched together the MRI’s cross-section images ( slices ) together to form a remarkable animation. One thing led another and soon enough Inside Insides was born- a project looking inside a variety of fruits and veggies.

One of the things that struck me right away is the geometric fractal nature inherent in these images. Fractals are everywhere! Often they’re found in common sight in the natural things around us- like in trees, clouds, mountain ranges, flowers, etc… and even within our bodies.

Notice the fractal properties in the following animations- the self-similar or recursive patterns .  Notice the geometry, the spirals,  the circles, the triangles, the nearly perfect curves and straight lines.


MRI scan of the inside of a watermelon by Andy Ellison


MRI scan of the inside of an artichoke by Andy Ellison

MRI scan of the inside of an broccoli by Andy Ellison

CUCUMBER:MRI scan of the inside of an cucumber by Andy Ellison

Pretty cool huh?
To those familiar with fractal flame editing programs like Apophysis, wouldn’t you agree that the artichoke and broccoli scans look very similar to the types of fractals often seen when creating & exploring  fractal flames? 😀

Check out more awesome scans of other fruits and veggies by Andy Ellison at:


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