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One man’s journey to establish a global day of peace. A documentary film: The Day After Peace

September 24, 2009




Can one person really make a difference?  Can one person change the world? Can a single man inspire the better angels of millions and through hard work and dedication create an international day of peace? And, if just for one day- help to bring about a cease-fire in war torn areas and actually save lives?  Filmmaker Jeremy Gilley dared not only to dream, but to try.

Through the daily constant barrage of negativity, violence, destruction and war witnessed in our lives, on television,  in newspapers and internet headlines- one man, inspired by idealism and the hope for a better world, sets out on a journey to create a documentary based around the idea of a international day of peace.  Little did he know just how far the project would go, the impact he would have, the places he would see and the people he would meet along the path who not only became inspired themselves, but helped to make the vision of establishing an annual international day of peace a reality.

This months entry for gifts of expression highlights the power of the spoken & written word to inspire many to effect change, the power of film, the power of human idealism,  and the power of one voice.  I bring to you the fascinating and inspirational tale of one filmmakers journey to make September 21st an International Day of Peace, and his work to bring about a ceasefire in Afghanistan. An individual who, despite the struggles and the skeptics & cynics who call the idea unrealistic and impractical, continued and still pushes on to follow the dream- a dream and desire to inspire within individuals and governments that same idealism and hope that demands one to act to manifest a more peaceful world.
As one lady in the film says, ” You don’t know what’s achievable until you try.”
And as another man stated,  “If you have the vision and the determination to make a difference, anything is possible.”

An awesome documentary, inspirational and thoroughly entertaining,  check it out!!


Peace One Day, a movement and humanitarian organization created by the film’s maker Jeremy Gilley is ‘working to manifest an annual day of global unity; a day of intercultural cooperation on a scale that humanity has never known.’

Click here to learn more and to find out how you can help and show solidarity to the project:

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When on the path of love and truth, destiny & the world will conspire to open doors, hands, and hearts.


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