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Dancing in the air ~ Project Bandaloop’s extreme aerial performance art

August 3, 2009

~Gifts of Expression~

For this dance company, “All the world is a stage.”

Project Bandaloop takes the art of dancing in a new direction- up. These aerial dancers combine beautiful choreography with rock climbing or rappelling to create something wondrous and magical to behold.

From Wikipedia: Project Bandaloop brings to audiences performances of aerial dance. Under the direction of Amelia Rudolph, it creates a blend of dance, sport, ritual and environmental awareness. Inspired by the possibilities of climbing and rappelling, the choreography draws on aerial, vertical and horizontal movement to craft dances, many site-specific. The work explores the relationship between movement and gravity and stimulates viewers’ awareness of their natural and built environments.

I learned of this dance company last night while watching “ Dance in America: Wolf Trap’s Face of America ” (a great documentary by the way, and well worth watching if you are interested in the National Parks, music, dance, and the beauty of human movement, form & expression ).  Click HERE to view this film in full, or below the video on that page select “luminescent flights” to view just the section with Project Bandaloop.

Project Bandaloop’s  routines are so lovely;  the sense of danger, the freedom of movement & the seemingly gravity defying wonderful choreography unites to make an almost mystical experience for the viewer.
Simply remarkable!

Here are a few video’s of their work pulled from youtube:

Follow Project Bandaloop on facebook:

Learn more about the choreographer, Amelia Rudolph :



I’d love to see their work set to Celtic Woman’s version of the song “Walking in the Air“.  🙂

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