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3 videos showing size of planets,stars&space

February 24, 2009

So just how big are stars anyway?

If you saw my last post Hubble Deep Field: The Most Imp. Images Ever Taken (vid.&pics.) maybe you, like me, are in awe of how vast our universe is. So lets take this one step further. You saw the images of thousands of galaxies, each containing millions of stars- but its still almost too big to fully comprehend. This next video will help a little more with that.

This video titled “Order of magnitude” shows the size scale of planets in our solar system, our sun, and various stars. After viewing this, think back to the last post’s video, on all those beautiful Hubble pictures, the millions of stars in just one galaxy- & join me in a celestial daydream about just how magnificent, beautiful, and awe inspiring this universe is 🙂

Here’s another visualization video titled “How Small is Earth?”

For me, seeing videos like these and thinking about such topics really helps put things in perspective. Suddenly the little problems of daily life seem so fleeting and inconsequential. It reminds and inspires me to reflect on the things that really matter and take great appreciation in being alive and part of  such a vast mystery and beauty that we call “the universe”.

When i get a chance I’ll post that other video, but for now i leave you with this:



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