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Fractal Art Prints: “Mayan Sun”

February 4, 2009

“Mayan Sun”

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Mayan Sun - Leah McNeir 2008

Fractal Artwork © Leah McNeir, 2008.

Homage to ancient Mayan astronomers, who detailed the precession of the stars, solstices, & eclipses with great accuracy thousands of years ago. This Mayan sun burns with flame that glitters like gold, surrounded by a pattern reminiscent of tribal bead work or threading.


Purchase “Mayan Sun”

Like many other ancient cultures, one Mayan creation story involves a World tree, or tree of life.  The Mayan World Tree, often represented as a ceiba tree or “Wacah Chan”, embodies the 4 cardinal directions and 4 ordinal directions.  North / NE/ East / SE / South / SW / West/ NW

The 4 quarters/8 partitions of the world. (Image: Maya codices -Madrid Codex (pg. 75-76) )

Mesoamerican world tree

8 Branches divide the heavens and Earth. (Image: Mesoamerican world tree )


And thus, this Mayan Sun has eight flames.
Since ancient times, 8 has been viewed as a powerful, meaningful & symbolic number, and has been highlighted in many belief systems. For example, in Chinese belief, 8 is seen as a good luck number bringing prosperity. In
some Taoist traditions, it is seen as all possibilities in manifestation. Ancient Egyptians equated 8 with the god Thoth. Buddhists follow the Noble Eightfold Path towards enlightenment. In Christian Orthodox tradition, 8 is a number beyond time & one of regeneration, rebirth and new beginnings, not dissimilar to the “8th day” being the start of a new week, or octaves in music. In Jewish kabbalistic teachings, 8 represents the infinite or beginning of perfection and is that which is beyond the limitations of nature. In numerology 8 is a number associated with power/sacrifice, money or  prosperity. In Hinduism it’s the number of wealth & abundance. Neopaganists and Wiccans celebrate 8 Sabbats. It is an important number in sacred geometry. 8 is a Fibonacci Number. An 8 turned on its side is a symbol for infinity. In nuclear physics, it is the second “magic number”. There’s many examples to be found! For a little more info on the symbology associated with the # eight, see:



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